Ein Lego Teilchenbeschleuniger

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Jason Allemann, auch bekannt als JK Brickworks,  hat einen Lego-Teilchenbeschleuniger gebaut, der einen Lego-Fußball auf heftige 12.5 km/h beschleunigt. Geile Idee, vor allem weil sie noch funktioniert.

I did round the speeds stated in the video up or down to make them more narrative friendly, but they are pretty accurate. By stepping through video frames I was able to determine how long it took the ball to travel around the ring at each power level. The ring has a circumference of around 264 studs and at maximum speed the ball travels around it approximately once every 0.6 seconds. That works out to about 440 studs per second, which is the equivalent of just over 12.5 km/hr…

via Katze

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Willy Dr. Lima

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