Vater lässt sich die Zeichnungen seines Sohnes tattowieren

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Keith Anderson ist ein Vater aus Ontario lässt sich seit dem 5. Lebensjahr seines Sohnes dessen Zeichnungen auf seinen rechten Arm tattowieren. Einfach mal ne verdammt geile Idee und einzigartig in seiner Form.

The first one was the daisy- I had it tattooed when he was in kindergarten,” Anderson told Chance Faulkner, a photographer who had an interview with him and took these pictures. “Then we went back and did his name and the house from when he was 4.

Recently, my son was there with me and he did some of the tattooing himself. He loves it. No one I know has ever heard of tattooing original kid art before, and it’s a lot of fun… People ask me what will happen if I run out of space; I guess I’ll just get him to draw smaller pictures.






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