Teuerstes Fahrrad der Welt


Für alle Freaks des zweirädrigen Fahrvergnügens ohne Motor, die ein bisschen zu viel Geld auf der hohen Kante haben kann ich euch dieses Fahrrad ‚The Factor 001‘, designt von ausgewählten Formel 1 Ingenieuren bei den bf1systems. Ich war ein wenig zu faul jetzt alles an Eigenschaften aufzuzählen, also hab ich mal das Gadget Lab zitiert:

A bike’s basic two-triangle design is almost perfect, but that hasn’t stopped the bf1 guys from going all high-tech on its ass. Almost the entire bike is made from carbon fiber, but is still strong enough to take out on a real road (although NYC potholes might prove a problem). The bike also has a lot of electronics inside, from power meters to built-in GPS to a handlebar-mounted touch-screen. This bike isn’t meant for racing: it’s all about training.

There are a few departures from conventional diamond-frame design. The head-tube is gone, and instead the forks go all the way up to the handlebars. Apparently it is more efficient than the standard design, but it looks rather more primitive, too.

Gears? Shimano Di2 of course — the electronic Dura-Ace. These are combined with some truly weird-sounding tech. The aluminum cranks, for example, have an “embedded wireless torque system that is usually fitted to F1 driveshaft systems.”

Wer mehr drüber erfahren will, kann es sich hier zu gemüte führen.

via Gadget Lab

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