Mercedes Benz Luxus Helicopter


Sehr edles Konzept, was ihr euch hier zu gemüte führen könnt oder nicht? Bis vorner halben Stunde wusste ich noch nicht das Merceds auch in Heli’s macht! Wow!

Für all die, dies es interessiert, hier wird das Projekt näher erläutert.

Fly in the sky in style and luxury! Mercedes-Benz and helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter got together to create this Mercedes-Benz Style EC145. Designed for business and private travel the luxury turbine-powered aircraft has high-end stylish interiors that was created by Mercedes-Benz designers. Wood ceiling and floors, three multi-function boxes that features a table, cup holder, 15-inch monitor, DVD player and comes with extra storage space for what ever. The EC145 can also seat up to eight passengers which are mounted on rails and has a cabin layout that was inspired by Mercedes-Benz’s new R-Class range.

via Wholly’s Blog

Über den Autor


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