Download: Florian Meindl "FLASH Circle DJ-Mix"


After three years, Florian Meindl’s label FLASH Recordings got a new design and structure. FLASH represents Florian’s taste and ideas in electronic music and will establish musical visions and ideas, not necessarily a specific sound. The label features the circle of producers affiliated to, and around him.

The compilation “Circle 2010″, which consists of 14 exclusive unmixed tracks as well as a DJ-Mix by Florian Meindl, is clearly focussed on the dancefloor between the genres House and Techno. Established acts like Martin Eyerer, Daso, Virginia, Pawas, Animal Trainer, Kellerkind and K-Paul are involved as well as upcoming producers like Martin Patino, Ken Hayakawa, Daniel Kampf, Milly Demori, Marco Dassi, Fabian Feynman and Spada.

Alles in allem wollen wir zu 3 Jahren guter Musik gratulieren und euch dieses kostenlose Sahnestück nicht vorenthalten.

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