Consoul – Life and Death in 8-Bit

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Ein recht schickes After Effects Video von Lasse Gjertsen, welches den Alltag in der 8-Bit Welt wiederspiegelt! Der Hauptcharakter altert und seine Herzen gehen dabei runter und Punkt bekommt er, wenn er arbeiten geht.

Aber lassen wir ihn doch kurz selbst erklären:

I made it in about half a year together with my best friend Trygve Knudsen, who made the 3D-sequences. I made all the 8-bit-shit :) We worked on and off with it from February 2008 and completed it in January 2009. It has been screened at a bunch of film festivals all over the planet, and is originally made for 35mm film with surround sound (kicks in during the 3D-sequences). Therefore it might be perceived as being a bit sloooow, but fuck you and your internet attention span in that case :p

The 8-bit stuff is designed in Photoshop and animated with After Effects. I downloaded emulators for Amiga, Sega, Nintendo and so forth and had to play a shit load of games to look at the graphics and gameplay for inspiration. It was pretty sweet to get paid for that :) The music is composed with FL Studio.



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