Download: DJ Orion "30 Boombachero Edits"


Texan DJ/producer Orion—who also happens to be the head honcho of Austin’s monthly Peligrosa party—has taken it upon himself to do us all a favor and invent another genre. Now, we can all work on integrating ‚boombachero’—a new sound that combines moombahton, tribal guarachero, and juke/footwork around 140bpm—into our musical lexicon and collections. A great place to start would be this downloadable collection of edits by DJ Orion, appropriately titled Boombachero Vol.1. Over on the tunesmith’s Bandcamp page you can nab 30(!) tunes at a ‚pay-what-you-like‘ rate, including re-works of Munchi, Dave Nada, Sonido Rampage y Nader, and more. Check out the sultry cover and full tracklist below, and also head over here to get your mitts on a couple of boombachero mixtapes that Orion put together in recent weeks.


1. Aponte o Não (Orion Edit)
2. Pilulas Azuis e Brancos (Orion Edit)
3. Toma Berimbau (Orion Edit)
4. Arroz Con Pollo (Orion Edit)
5. Sandungueo (Orion Edit)
6. Punk Rock Latino (Orion Edit)
7. Pero Que lo Que Mujer (Orion Edit)
8. Pepe Volvio (Orion Edit)
9. Metele Bellaco (Orion Edit)
10. La Gata (Orion Edit)
11. La Brasilena Ta Montao (Orion Edit)
12. JB RIP (Orion Edit)
13. Hey (Orion Edit)
14. Fuck House (Orion Edit)
15. Boneknuckles (Orion Edit)
16. Ragga Muffin (Orion Edit)
17. Big Pun (Orion Edit)
18. Boy (Orion Edit)
19. Calypso (Orion Edit)
20. Chavii (Orion Edit)
21. Crazie (Orion Edit)
22. Esta Noche (Orion Edit)
23. Datsik – Firepower (Orion Edit)
24. Face Off (Orion Edit)
25. Hocus Pocus (Orion Edit)
26. Let Me Bang (Orion Edit)
27. My Feelings (Orion Edit)
28. Senta (Orion Edit)
29. Sacanagem (Orion Edit)
30. If You Leave (Orion Edit)



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