Video: Gnucci Banana & Mash Up International at Villa Berlin 2010


[vimeo w=500&h=300]

Oh man, manchmal wünschte ich schon in Berlin zu wohnen. Da hätte ich mir zum Beispiel die Exploited Records Party in der Villa geben können, wo unter anderem Gnucci Banana aufgetreten sind. Fette Livesession.

My friends Gnucci Banana & Mash Up International from Sweden came to visit me in Berlin and have a live Gig at Exploited Rec. Party in Villa Club.

See some exclusive footage from the show and Backstage scenes from before the Gig.

It was filmed with a Canon 550d and a 24-70mm 2.8
Audio comes from a Rode Video Mic and a Zoom H4n.

The difficult part was to get different camera angles out of one camera and of course being part of the raving crowd.


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