Video: Gold Panda Live on the Interface


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The Interface ist wirklich eine coole Sache. Diesmal hat es Gold Panda ins Studio von Spinner für eine kleine Liveaufführung verschlagen. Unbedingt reinziehen.

It is really nice that Gold Panda is wearing a wild animal shirt. Think it’s a white tiger. Dude is out there in the musical woods, everything sounds like a chase scene in a Julianne Moore movie, heavy, but with freckles. Can electronic music be emo? He doesn’t look too lonely up there, in front of the Spinner crowd, tall guy bouncing a bedroom mirror bounce. This live performance is essentially a live mix of his songs, and it’s really, really nice when “You” comes in, chopped up more, a stutterers dream. Gold Panda’s Lucky Shiner is one of the most inventive records we have heard this year, kitchen sink goulash of diamond sounds and conveyor belts made of gold.



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