WTF: M.I.A. – “Bedroom To The Hallway To The Road To The World”

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Wieder so ein megaverwirrender Track mit noch verwirrenderem Visuals, welcher ihr wieder auf einer Extrahomepage bewundern könnt. Ganz großes WTF!

M.I.A.’s not afraid to purchase URLs or to continue releasing new material in the face of ill-founded backlash. Here’s another weirdo gem ostensibly called “Bedroom To The Hallway To The Road To The World,” a title that comes off like amped Beckett stage directions. The backdrop is skeletal, bass-y with all-over-the-place (with “a message”) chitchat vocals and Atari 2600 effects.

Checkt das Video dazu!

[soundcloud width=“100%“ height=“81″ params=“secret_url=false“ url=““] M.I.A.: Bedroom to the Hallway to the Road to the World by La 3e heure!



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