Mixtape of the Day: Illecism – Molotov (prod. by MF Doom)


Brandheißes Mixtape
von Illecism, welches komplett von MF Doom produziert wurde.

Hip hop has changed a lot in the past 2 years, the “blog” has become the MTV and BET to underground hip hop artists trying to get their foot in the door. Today artists are kissing an abundance of ass and sucking large amounts of penis to be on blogs to get recognition they don’t deserve. This is one of many reasons why you see (obviously) wack shit on the blogs that used to be all about posting the “real”, the “good”, the “hip hop”.

Molotov represents the emotion of today’s aspiring emcee, the ones who work their asses off day in day out to be recognized, only to end up in the shadows of mainstream artists (most who lack real talent) all thanks to blogs that know they exist, but pretend they don’t. Music is not a popularity contest folks, the sooner we remember that the sooner we can get back to what this culture was created for in the first place. Expression.

So today, all the RAW emcees, writers, singers, producers and fans of real music join me in sending this mighty middle finger to the establishments that have for so long betrayed us our proper respect.

This is Illecism’s Molotov aka The Revenge of the Refreshment, enjoy. Fly High Or Flame!

Illecism’s Molotov (NSFW) from DAG on Vimeo.

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Willy Dr. Lima

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