Fact Mix 218 by Hercules and Love Affair [Download]


Geilster Mix am heutigen Tage…. läuft bei mir rauf und runter..

Hercules and Love Affair finally put out a FACT Mix, a sort of classic house reference sheet for their Blue Songs album, also out today. The mix closes with Andy Butler’s warehouse acid-weeper remix of Madonna’s “Get Into the Groove,” the two strands of actual-classic songs and Hercules’ new-classics colliding and wrapping together in one freak vogue knot. FACT quotes Butler with this revelatory gem, a solid thesis statement for the Hercules and Love Affair sound in general: “going off but classily.” That’s pretty good. Kinda wish he would’ve referenced Black Swan though, or, ideally, quoted the hook on “Visitor”: There’s no time to stand, it’s time to jump/ No time to sleep, it’s time to bone.

Direct download: FACT mix 218 – Hercules & Love Affair


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