XL8R Podcast Nr.182 by Canblaster [Mixtape Download]


Mal wieder ein besserer Mix aus der Podcast-Reihe von XL8R.

Canblaster XL8R Podcast

2010 was a good year for French producer Canblaster (a.k.a. Cédric Steffens), as the Club Cheval resident and former Bubblin‘ subject debuted with the Jetpack EP and also dropped a string of hyperactive, genre-hopping remixes for the likes of Spoek Mathambo, Drop the Lime, J-Wow, Teki Latex, and others. Many of those efforts appear on this exclusive mix he’s put together for the XLR8R podcast series, an absolutely stacked DJ session that somehow squeezes in more than 50 tracks, the majority of which are unreleased. It’s the first salvo in what promises to be a frantic 2011 for Canblaster, who next month will be releasing his second EP, Master of Complication, on the Nightshifters label. Whether he’s experiencing sonic ADD or simply allowing his youthful exuberance to run wild, Canblaster’s DJ stylings appear to be just as schizophrenic as his production work, as his podcast bounces between hip-hop, R&B, house, rave, juke, electro, tribal guarachero, and more. Considering that the guy used to compose video game music for a living and cites Basement Jaxx as a major influence, it’s not exactly surprising that fun is always a major component of his musical equation.

01 Trey Songz „I Want You“
02 DJ MikeQ „Transform Ya“ (Qween Beat)
03 Eccy „Old Snake Rapier (Myd & Sam Tiba Remix)“ (Slye)
04 Lucid „Bukake Ballroom“
05 High Powered Boys „Work“ (Sound Pellegrino)
06 Marcus Price „Bubblegum (Sam Tiba Remix)“ (Palms Out Sounds)
07 Jam City „Magic Drops“ (Night Slugs)
08 Myd „Victoria II“
09 Dr. Gonzo „Bust Dem Up“
10 Blackwax „Airway“
11 Drop the Lime „Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix)“ (Trouble & Bass)
12 Myd „Octodip Futurolook“
13 Myd „Pistolet (Sam Tiba Remix)“
14 Mumdance „Don’t Forget Me Now (Douster Remix)“ (Mad Decent)
15 Mr. Vega „Planisfear (Bandulu Remix)“ (Rot10 Musik)
16 Bambounou „unknown“ (Young Gunz)
17 Spoek Mathambo „Mshini Wam (Canblaster Remix)“ (BBE)
18 French Fries „Charlotte (Canblaster Remix)“ (Young Gunz)
19 Out One „Foggy Road“
20 Shaun D „Spanish Fly (Kingdom Remix) (Canblaster Tribal Edit)“
21 DJ Javier Estrada „Danza Del Fuego“
22 Yeah! Woho! „Pushing (Canblaster Remix)“ (Top Billin)
23 Confield „Polaroid (Luckybeard Remix)“
24 Klipar „Imperial March (Myd Remix)“ (No Brainer)
25 Mr. Tweeks „Money (DEMO)“ (Pelican Fly)
26 Myd „Hee Head“
27 Jay Weed „Dazzled“
28 Seiji „More of You“ (Seiji)
29 Mu-Gen „Fizzdom (Sam Tiba Remix)“ (Scattermish)
30 Gregg Evisu Feat. Jay R „Bitch Who Are You ???“ (Qween Beat)
31 Toasty „Reflect“ (Distance)
32 R1 Ryders „Just A Feelin'“ (Royal One)
33 DJ Cobra feat Javier Estrada „Gatla Tlao (El Veneno de la Serpiente ID)“
34 Erick Rincon „Tetris Tribal“ (Tribaleros)
35 AraabMUZIK „Whistle (Instrumental)“
36 DJ Assault „Bangapella“ (Jefferson Ave)
37 Salva „Issey Miyake“ (Frite Nite)
38 Richelle „Mascotte“ (Pelican Fly)
39 Richelle „Mascotte (Mr. Tweeks Remix)“ (Pelican Fly)
40 Jimmy Edgar „Midnite Fone Call“ (Warp)
41 Damu „Flibberdiflobberdifloo“
42 Jukes of Hazzard „Pumpz in the Bag *VIP*“
43 DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad „Bob it Low“ (Ghettophiles)
44 DJ Assault „Big Knots (Dub)“ (Jefferson Ave)
45 Canblaster „Lost in the Shell“ (Nightshifters)
46 SebastiAn „H.A.L. (Munchi Bootleg Remix)“
47 Rude Kid „Winter Remix“ (Are You Ready)
48 Brey „Dilligaf“
49 Canblaster & Panteros666 „Blue DJinn“
50 Canblaster „Triple Ring“ (Nightshifters)
51 Klever „It Gets Hot (Canblaster Remix)“
52 DJ Jonty „Grindin (Kastle Edit)“
53 Crystal Kay „Girl’s Night“ (Sony Japan)

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