DJ Casper & DJ Y-Not – „The Death of Valentine’s Day“ [Download,Mix]


Ein weitere Beitrag von mir zum Valentinstag kommt von DJ Casper und DJ Y-Not, welche zusammen ein Mixtape released haben:

Around this time every year, people confess there love for others in the form of flowers, chocolate or mixtapes filled with love songs that remind them of their significant other. I decided it was time to take a different approach and make a mixtape that showcased the other side of this holiday and show some love to those not in love.

I began to brainstorm last year on joints to drop on this mix and while doing so, I felt it was missing something. It was only right that I reached out to my homey, collaborator & brother-from-another DJ Y-NOT ( / aka DJ Garlic Knot aka DJ Sandwich Killa to help me out and drop some love and soul on the first half of this project. After first listen I decided that we should name his side the “You Wanna Spoon?” side. This shit is sure to get him some play from the ladies in the future.

On the flip is my part, which we appropriately titled the “Grudge Fuck” side. This is the “ho-bashing-fuck-a-bitch” mix that every man feels in his life one time or another. I dug up every hateful and disrespectful song I could find then narrowed it to the top joints, found some porno snippets, movies snippets and through it in the blender. It’s probably safe to say that my part of this mix will mos def NOT get me more play.

Download: DJ Casper & DJ Y-Not – The Death of Valentine’s Day


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