XL8R Podcast 184 by Nicolas Jaar [Download]


Neuer Podcast von XL8R von einem sehr begabten Kerl.

Nicolas Jaar is only 21 years old, but he’s already had quite the life. Much of his childhood was spent in Chile, but his formative years were spent in NY, where he entered the world of electronic music and released his first record before he completed high school, on the renowned Wolf + Lamb label no less. These days, he’s actually pursuing a college degree at Brown, but he still finds the time to DJ around the globe, produce, and run his own imprint, Clown and Sunset. Next week, Jaar will be releasing his full-length debut, Space Is Only Noise, so we figured it would be a fine time to enlist him for the XLR8R podcast series. His exclusive mix does not disappoint, as it’s heavy on his own pensive, jazz- and soul-tinged productions, including several unreleased songs and remixes. Jaar is ostensibly a house artist, but this mix explores different moods, tempos, styles, and eras; it even manages to squeeze in tracks from Bob Dylan and Pharoah Sanders without losing the plot. We imagine that we’ll be hearing lots more from Jaar in the years to come, but the man already appears to be operating at the top of his game.

01 Bob Dylan „Love Sick“ (Sony)
02 Nicolas Jaar „What My Last Girl Put Me Through“
03 Wendy Kane „After Laughter Comes Tears (Nicolas Jaar Edit)“
04 Nicolas Jaar „Materials (Nico’s Bluewave Edit)“
05 The Enticers „Thief (Live Set Edit)“
06 Pharoah Sanders „Meeting John Coltrane“
07 Nicolas Jaar „Variations“ (Circus Company)
08 Nicolas Jaar „Hage Chahine (feat. Will Epstein)“ (Wolf+ Lamb)
09 Nicolas Jaar „Dubliners“ (Clown & Sunset)
10 Nicolas Jaar „Colomb“ (Circus Company)
11 Nicolas Jaar „Avalanche (Tribute to Leonard Cohen)“
12 Nicolas Jaar „Russian Dolls“ (Clown & Sunset)
13 Nicolas Jaar „Encore“

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