No Regular Play – „Owe Me“ (Nicolas Jaar Remix) [Audio]


Wieder einmal ein grandioses Stück von Nicolas Jaar. Ich kann gar nicht genug von dem Kerl kriegen.

No Regular Play – Owe Me (Nicolas Jaar remix) (Wolf + Lamb 2009) by Clown and Sunset

Underground American electro act No Regular Play put out ‘Owe Me’ all the way back in 2009, but New Yorker and Wolf + Lamb star Nicolas Jaar has given it a spine-tingling reworking. Clearly influenced by Aphex Twin’s experimental work, Jaar makes ‘Owe Me’ into a witch-house anthem that is genuinely creepy, in the best possible way. An ideal slow track to wind down the dancefloor.


Über den Autor

Willy Dr. Lima

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