Papercraft AUDI A7 [Design,Video]

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Ich hatte es ja bisher nicht so mit Papercraft-Modellen hier im Blog, aber dieser Audi A7 hat es mir dann doch iwie angetan. Tolle Arbeit von Taras Lesko. Unten kann man noch das Entstehungsvideo sehen.

The Audi A7 design began with a clean sheet of paper. Graphic design artist Taras Lesko started this project with 285 clean sheets of paper. Using photos and drawings of the A7, he designed 750 model pieces out of card stock, which he then printed, folded and glued together. His equipment was a laser printer, two desktop cutting plotters, glue and an X-ACTO knife. More than 245 hours later, he had created his own bold vision.

Über den Autor

Willy Dr. Lima

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