„Freshjive Moving Pictures – How To Roll A Blunt“ [Video]


Freshjive ist uns ja allen als Modelabel bekannt, aber die können auch anders. Um uns zu demonstrieren, dass sie für die Legalisierung von Mariuhana sind, haben sie ein Video für ihre Movin Pictures-Reihe gemacht, welches sich damit befasst, wie man einen Blunt richtig dreht. Witzig.

Freshjive Moving Pictures – How To Roll A Blunt from freshjive on Vimeo.


1 blunt Wrap (Cigarillo, Optimo, Swisher Sweet etc.)
1 lighter
1 gram or more of marijuana


– Break open blunt and dispose of tobacco guts.

– Moisten wrap with saliva by licking around the edges.

– Fill wrap with marijuana, equally distributing it throughout the wrap.

– Placing the wrap between the thumb, index and middle fingers, begin to roll the closer edge of the wrap under the opposite side.

– Starting from one side to the other, begin tucking one edge of the wrap into the other to form a cylinder around the marijuana.

– Once rolled, seal the open edge of the blunt with saliva, licking it from one end to the other.

– Using your lighter slowly bring the flame across the sealed edges to harden the blunt before consumption.

– Light either end of the blunt and enjoy.


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