Bag Raiders – „Not Over [Official Video]


Die Bag Raiders (ja ihr kennt sie alle aus der Vodafone-Werbung) haben einen neuen Clip zim Song „Not Over“ am Start. Der Song gefällt mir auch um einiges besser als der Vorgänger. Feinster Disco-Sound auf die Ohren. Directed by Rhett Wade-Ferrel.

„‚Not Over‘ is a piece about the journey of a heart through the dimensions of love and casual arrangements, and the fears that arise from these constructs, as they so often have the potential to result in casualties,“ Stracey tells Spinner. „It also is a tale of courage and determination. This is represented by a video which has been directed and produced by the incredible Moop Jaw, in which a Neolithic caveman builds a time machine.“


Über den Autor

Willy Dr. Lima

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