FACT mix 262 by James Pants [Mix,Download]


Das FACT-Mag hat wieder einen verdammt nochmal geilen Podcast rausgehauen. Spinner an den Decks war diesmal James Pants und man hört den Swing von Mr. Pants sofort heraus.

This Monday’s FACT mix comes from one of the most unique and frequently rewarding characters in contemporary pop music.

This year, Pants released his third full-length, the recently Essential-ed James Pants, described by FACT’s Nicky Hutchinson as “the work of a record collector as much as a musician, but its melodic exuberance and unerring momentum forestall any accusations of detachment … the kind of “indie” record that no one in an actual indie scene has the chutzpah, style or force of personality to make themselves anymore”. To celebrate its release, James Pants has delivered a FACT mix. As you might expect from someone with taste as diverse and deep as his, we haven’t heard of half the artists it features. We wager you won’t either, but that’s half the fun of a DJ like this. All that matters is that it sounds great. Enjoy.


1. RMI Keyboard Demonstration
2. Big Moe – Sippin’ Codeine
3. Alan Parsons – Nucleus
4. Fourth Way – The Far Side Of Your Moon
5. Creme Soda – Keep It Heavy
6. Pink Industry – I Wish
7. TJ the Hustler – Age Of Individualism
8. Race N’Rhythm – Teenage Girls
9. Tones On Tail – Twist
10. JVB – Chipland Liquids
11. Mr. Marcellus – Wood Grain
12. James Pants – Crying In The Midnight Hour
13. Brainticket – Jardins
14. Luie Luie – Touch Of Light

Download hier.

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Willy Dr. Lima

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