Resident Advisors “Real Scenes” in Berlin [Techno-Doku,Video]

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Über diese Reihe habt ihr mittlerweile sicher schon was gehört. Hier kommt der dritte Teil dieser Serie von Resident Advisor, in der verschiedene Städte und ihre Techno-Kultur vorgestellt wird. Hier die ersten beiden Teile über Bristol und über Detroit.

For the third edition of Real Scenes, RA and Bench go to one of the most special places for electronic music in the world: Berlin. When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, techno became the underground soundtrack to the reunion between East and West. In recent years, it’s become an international destination for ravers—a cheap place to party with clubs that are renowned throughout the world.

Techno has become a business in the meantime. Yet Berlin still maintains a credibility that other cities lack. To understand why, RA and Bench went to the German capital eager to find out about its unique history and the reasons behind its continued relevance.


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