Siri wird zu Beeri (Ein Tweet bringt dir ein Bier)

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Klingt doof, is aber so. Beeri ist im Prinzip ein Bierroboter, der euch auf Befehl von Siri ein Bier bringt. Ob das genial ist oder einfach nur Quatsch, kann jeder selber einschätzen. Ich finde die Idee von den RedPepper-Jungs cool:

The folks at RedPepper software might have scored more nerd points if they’d had Siri serve tea (Earl Grey, hot), but it’s hard to argue with a Rube Goldbergian machine that brings you a beer when you ask for it. Behold: Beeri. Beeri is less of an app or device and more a convoluted process to bring beer to a lazy iPhone 4 owner. It works like this:Tell Siri to “Text Tweet Beeri,” and include the word “pour” in the message body. This sends a text which is then turned into a tweet. Beeri, an Arduino based robot, sees the word “pour” and roars into action. A remote controlled truck with a can of beer pre-loaded speeds off down the table and rams into a spike at the far end, ripping open the can.The freed beer pours through a hole in the table to a waiting glass beneath, from whence it can be supped.It is ridiculous, messy and completely impractical. And it is also a sure indicator of many, many Siri-based projects to come.

Mehr Info’s zum Projekt hier.

Hier noch ein Video zum Making-Of.


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