Etnies: „We’re waiting on you, dude.“ (Skatevideo)


Die Kumpels von Etnies haben nen tollen Clip aufgenommen. Die Aufnahmen mit u.a. Sean Malto, Jose Rojo, Devine Calloway, Nick Garcia, Ryan Pearce und Willow sind während ihrer Europatour entstanden.

Late this past summer, etnies embarked on a tour of Scandinavian Europe through Helsinki, Finland, Oslo, Norway, Copenhagen, Denmark and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Through some hangovers, twisted ankles and hot-pockets, all the dudes agreed it was one of the smoothest and most hitch-free trips they’d been on. However, there was one thing that loomed over everyone’s head, everyday: Don’t be the last to the van.

Über den Autor

Willy Dr. Lima

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