Nicolas Jaar – “With Just One Glance” (Neuer Song zum kostenlosen Download)


Neuer Song von Nico. Sehr experimentell, aber das macht es nicht schlecht, sondern richtig gut. Anhören und saugen.

‚With Just One Glance You‘ Nicolas Jaar featuring. Scout Larue and Will Epstein 1 by Bullett Media

Released last week, Darkside, Nicolas Jaar’s latest project, finds him pairing his baritone whispers with those of another talented musician, Dave Harrington. As if sitting down with BULLETT and chatting about Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño wasn’t enough, we got even luckier when he gave us an exclusive track, “With Only One Glance,” featuring saxophonist Will Epstein and vocals courtesy of Demi Moore’s youngest daughter, Scout LaRue. Jaar’s music may not be typical dance-floor fare, but honestly, who cares when his music sounds this good.

Download hier.

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