PS22 Kinderchor singt „Somebody That I Used To Know“ (Video)


Den Chor muss ich euch ja nicht mehr vorstellen. Die Jungs und Mädels machen ihre Sache stets super. Auch wenn mir dieses Gotye-Cover eher nicht so gut gefällt, wie andere.

Here is the ultra-cool song, „Somebody That I Used To Know“ by indie artist Gottye (featuring Kimbra)! As the original version of this song has gotten countless plays on my iPod, I felt compelled to bring it (slightly edited) to the PS22 Chorus! And the kids certainly made the most of it! Kahlil is perfect on the leads and Daniel-san keeps raising his game on the drums! Big thanks to Mr. Eberle for joining in on the acoustic guitar and Ms. Lisa for filming!

Über den Autor

Willy Dr. Lima

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