fatoosan – The international mixtape for Laidback Radio [Stream]


Der Mix von fatoosan bringt eine Stunde richtig schön entspannte Musik in vielen Sprachen – nur nicht in englisch.

I wanted to show my love for rap music by making a mixtape with not a single song in English!

Even though USA is hip hop’s motherland, many countries developed their own flow and style! I love this diversity. Foreign languages are not a problem (as long as I have my translators, big up to them!), my heart usually bumps when the music and the flow are matching perfectly… that being said, I might have a weakness for French (which is my mother tongue), and for Dutch, Russian and Japanese (which I’ve learned a bit). In this mix, you will also hear Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Estonian and German.

Sit back, relax & enjoy


The international mixtape for Laidback radio by Fatoosan on Mixcloud

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