Wie Bier die Welt gerettet hat (Infografik)


Sowas ist einfach immer interessant, wenn es gut gemacht ist. Eben wie diese Infografik über die Geschichte des Biers und wie es die Welt gerettet hat.

Their infographic called How Beer Saved The World clearly outlines the history of beer in the most creative of ways. It’s an infographic that I find intensely visually appealing, almost to the degree of calling it unique, and the data served in it is quite interesting as well. It’s hard to believe everything that is put into it, but if they went to the extent of making an infographic about it, I guess I have to at least enjoy it and somewhat pour down the knowledge with a tiny pint of beer. So, how could beer really save the world? Well, check out this infographic and you will have your answer in a jiffy!

Thanks Steffen.

Über den Autor

Willy Dr. Lima

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