Die Pizza Farm – Alle Zutaten an einem Ort


Und auch wenn ihr denkt, dass das hier ein Scherz ist, so kann ich euch entgegenwirken. Diese Farm hier gibt es genau so tatsächlich. Angesiedelt in Wellington, Colorado. Wenn das mal nicht geil ist.

The Pizza Farm is a circular garden that is divided into eight pie-shaped “slices” (like a giant pizza) and grows or grazes all the ingredients needed to make a farm fresh pizza! In May, the Pizza Farm is just starting up. Guests will see wheat, onions, garlic and herbs in the ground and animals in their pens. Expect to visit our greenhouse where the peppers and tomatoes are waiting for planting. By late summer, the garlic will be harvested and hanging in our barn, and the tomatoes and peppers will have plenty of fruit.


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Willy Dr. Lima

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