Fotos von Hurricane Sandy – Fake oder Real?


Absolut uncool, was da gerade in New York passiert. Alexis C. Madrigal sammelt beim Atlantic populäre Fotos und sortiert in Fake und Real. Und bei einigen fällt die Entscheidung gar nicht so einfach, wie z.B. bei diesem hier oben.

With Hurricane Sandy approaching the New York metro area, the nation’s eyes are turning to its largest city. Photos of storms and flooding are popping up all over Twitter, and while many are real, some of them — especially the really eye-popping ones — are fake. This post, which will be updated over the next couple of days, is an effort to sort the real from the unreal. It’s a photograph verification service, you might say, or a pictorial investigation bureau. If you see a picture that looks fishy, send it to me at alexis.madrigal[at]


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Willy Dr. Lima

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