„Cartoon Kevin“ – Ein Trickfilmzeichner malt sich selbst in 100 verschiedenen Cartoons

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Cooles Projekt von Cartoonist Kevin McShane. Dieser hat Cartoon Kevin ins Leben gerufen. Dabei geht es um nichts anders als das sich Kevin selbst in 100 verschiedenen Cartoons gemalt hat. Einfach mal total geil. Erkennt ihr sie alle?

Since the dawn of animation, few characters have proved more enduring than Cartoon Kevin. Based on real-world cartoonist and animator Kevin McShane (right), Cartoon Kevin has found his way into the work of almost every significant animator and animation studio from Windsor McCay to Walt Disney, from Osamu Tekuza to Pixar. With his signature black t-shirt, blue jeans, and Chuck Taylor sneakers, Cartoon Kevin has delighted audiences from movie to television screens worldwide for over 100 years.



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Willy Dr. Lima

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