Mann mit Tourette-Syndrom wurde aus dem Flugzeug gekickt, weil er „Bombe“ sagte


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Da weiß ich gerade gar nicht so richtig, was ich dazu sagen soll. Der 19-jähirge Michael Doyle wurde aus einem Flugzeug geschmissen, weil er das Wort Bombe sagte, aus Panik wegen Boston. Und der Mann hat Tourette!!!

It may sound like a bad joke from a family comedy film, but this actually happened: Michael Doyle, a 19-year-old who suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, was prevented from boarding a plane for involuntarily ticking the word „bomb.“ According to Doyle, he was waiting to board his flight to Puerto Rico when he suddenly found himself repeating the „B word“ while having a panic episode over the recent terrorist bombings in Boston, Massachusetts. In responding to the news, Jet Blue released a statement explaining that Doyle had been deemed a „safety concern“ by the plane’s commanding pilot and the airline offered him a free round-trip ticket to make up for the embarrassing fiasco.


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