Leute stehlen alter Frau die Kreditkarte, um dann Fotos im Fotoautomaten zu schießen



Die Dummheit mancher Diebe ist echt kaum mehr zu übertreffen. Dies hier ist ein ganz besonders tolles Beispiel dafür. Ein paar Leute stehlen einer Frau die Kreditkarte, um dann damit die Fotos im Fotoautomaten zu bezahlen. Dumm nur, dass der Automat die Bilder speichert und so der Polizei die besten Fandungsfotos liefert, die es wohl je gab.

According to police, the victim reported that she had misplaced her plastic last week while shopping in Crofton, a town 25 miles south of Baltimore. The woman called cops after realizing that her card was used to fraudulently purchase tickets at a Regal Cinemas theater. A subsequent review of surveillance video revealed “a group of teenagers purchasing tickets from a movie ticket kiosk,” according to the Anne Arundel County Police Department.

The same teens also piled into a “photo booth located inside the theater lobby” and posed for a series of pictures. The adjacent images (click to enlarge), released today by cops, apparently were stored digitally on the booth’s computer hardware.

The Smoking Gun: Photo Booth Pix Could Sink Credit Card Fraudsters


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