Bazz, der Hund der als Bienenzüchter arbeitet



In Südaustralien gibt es einen Hund, der Bazz heißt. Bazz ist ein schwarzer Labrador, der genau wie sein Herrchen als Imker arbeitet.

All dogs should have a job whether it’s assisting the disabled, fetching the paper, chasing cars, or sniffing out drugs. I don’t neccessarily appreciate that last one, but I get it: somebody’s gotta pay the bills! This is Bazz, a dog who works as a bee keeper. His person, Josh Kennet, is also a bee keeper and the one responsible for this dog bee keeper suit. I know this might come as a shock, but SPOILER: Bazz is not a fan of the protective gear. The poor pup would probably prefer to be butt-ass naked. And I don’t blame em! It’s a ruff life.

A Dog Beekeeper Suit for a Hard Working day at the Hives


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