In Dubai werden übergewichtige Menschen mit Gold belohnt, wenn sie abnehmen



Wenn ich dick wäre, würde ich glaub ich sofort nach Dubai ziehen. Dort bekommt man nämlich Gold, wenn man sich wieder in Form bringt. Echtes Gold. Was gibt es eigntlich für einen größeren Anreiz? Pro Kilogramm ein Goldstück im Wert von 45 $.

The AP reports that Dubai, the famously flashy oil-rich city in the United Arab Emirates, is giving residents one gram of gold (the equivalent of $45 at current prices) per kilogram (a little over two pounds) of weight lost. Participants, who weighed in for the first time on July 19th, have a month to lose as much weight as they can.

Dubai’s weight problems have grown along with the local economy. According to the Pulitzer Center, the city’s overweight population has skyrocketed as more restaurants, fast food joints, and shopping mall food centers have opened over the past 20 years. Now over half of all residents in the city are overweight. And now the same oil wealth that caused Dubai to grow so fat is being used to try to lure citygoers back to lower weights.

There are two main problems we see with the initiative. First, while over half the population in Dubai is overweight, a Philips Healthcare study claims that under 25% of overweight individuals in the city admit that they have a problem. And second: Dubai residents are already so rich (the UAE has a GDP per capita of over $45,000 per year) that getting a couple hundred bucks for giving up the convenience of McDonald’s may not be an attractive enough incentive–even though the biggest losers have the opportunity to win over $5,000 in a random lottery.

Dubai Is Paying Its Residents In Gold To Lose Weight


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