Ritter der Tafelrunde-Uhr

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Abgefahren ist da wohl kaum ein Ausdruck. Ich find diese Uhr im Stile der „Knights of the round table“ mal supergut. 12 Mini-Ritter um das Ziffernblatt gebastelt. Einfach mal stilvoll hoch 10.

The Knights of the Round Table had a solemn motto: “Courage and generosity”. For Roger Dubuis, this is its purpose in life. Drawing inspiration from the exploits of King Arthur’s knights, the Geneva Manufacture has created a series of 88 exceptional pieces distinguished by their boldness and steeped in history. 12 heroes and their swords cast in gold encircle a striking enamelled dial while the automatic movement RD822 beats below. The scene is symbolic. Most of the adventures of the gallant knights were initiated in meetings at the round table.

Wenn es um hochwertige Uhren geht, haben wir folgende Angebote entdeckt.


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Willy Dr. Lima

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