Ein Traum für Kids: Der Ice Cream Monster Truck

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Bei Skoda wird kreatives Marketing noch ganz groß geschrieben. Und wenn ich jetzt noch ein Kind wäre, würde ich vor Freude anfangen zu weinen:

You’ll certainly hear this ice cream truck coming down the block. And kids will go extra insane at the sight of it. To help celebrate the release of its new monster truck, Czech carmaker Skoda turned an Octavia vRS vehicle into the “the world’s biggest ice cream van.”

At 5.5-tons, and equipped with 5-ft wheels, it will crush any Mister Softee that gets in its way. However at 21-ft tall, kids will need to chase the truck down the block with a small ladder in hand.

The giant ice cream van will be touring the UK, handing out 6,500 free ice creams. Get your money and ladder ready, Brits.



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