Weil Australien die WM-Qualifikationsspiele nicht zeigt: Mann kauft sich die TV-Rechte vom Irland Qualispiel



David Feeney kann sich getrost „einen wahren Fussballfan“ nennen. Der aus Dublin stammende Mann wohnt aktuell in Australien. Und weil in Australien die WM-Quali Spiele für Brasilien 2014 nicht gezeigt werden, hat er sich kurzerhand die TV-Rechte für das Spiel seines Landes Irland gekauft. Wie teuer das war, will ich ehrlich gesagt gar nicht wissen.

David Feeney, originally from Dublin, now lives in Australia but still wants to follow Giovanni Trapattoni’s side as they bid to reach the World Cup next year in Brazil.

However, after checking the television schedules to see what channel their match against Sweden was on – he soon noticed the networks down under had snubbed the clash.Fearing he might be forced to miss the game, Feeney contacted German company Kentaro, who own the broadcasting rights to the match, and asked if he could personally buy and show the match to Irish fans.

Television rights are usually sold in multimillion pound packages, but bold David was able to strike a deal for Ireland v Sweden for a few thousand dollars.

‘I made an opening bid and they said it was too low, but I went back with another offer and they said ok,’ explained Feeney.

‘My wife was the hardest to convince about the idea, but I’ve promised that if I make any money from the streaming of the match she can keep it.’

Feeney has partnered with a local horse racing channel to broadcast the match that takes place on September 6.


(Photo: Peter Muhly, AFP/Getty Images)

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