Das neue Lieblingshobby der Japaner: Freiwillig öffentliche Toiletten putzen


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So langsam aber sicher wunder mich das schon gar nicht mehr, was diese Menschen in Japan so für Anwandlungen haben. So scheint es dort ein weitverbreitetes Hobby zu sein sich in Gruppen zu treffen und freiwillig öffentliche Klos zu reinigen:

A group of adults and children assemble at a public toilet near a station in Tokyo on a Sunday morning at 6am.

They’re here to scrub it clean – from top to bottom.

Urinals and toilets are the first targets, then it’s the turn of the walls, the sinks and the floor.

By 7:30am, they are gone, leaving behind them a gleaming public toilet, looking as good as the day it was installed.

This group of bleach-sloshing good Samaritans are the Benjyo Soujer, a 35-member group created on Facebook, who task themselves with scrubbing clean Tokyo’s thousands of public toilets one by one.

Tokyo’s Toilet Cleaning Social Club


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