Die Tupac Maske


small_tupac mask

Wer von euch wollte nicht schon mal irgendwann Tupac sein? Ich fand den Typ immer krass. Musik, seine Art, einfach alles.

Though Tupac is gone, the California Love still flows. (And he still keeps making records, somehow.) When you’re showing your pride in Thug Life, grab this Tupac Mask and bring the wildly famous hip hop legend back to life! Stun everyone with this realistic look and dropping rhymes on the karaoke machine at your Halloween party! (If Biggie’s around though, just let it all slide, okay?) You can’t go wrong with this Thug Life Tupac Mask!

Thug Life 2 Pac Rapper Mask, from Rubie’s Costume Co.


Über den Autor

Willy Dr. Lima

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