Kaffeetasse kreativ: Die Twitter coffee mug

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small_twitter mug

Mir sind Tassen ja eigentlich total egal. Hauptsache man kann daraus trinken. Manchmal gibt es dann aber doch solch Varianten, die es einen sofort antun. Wie diese # Mug hier. Voll im Twitter-Design & mit Hashtag-Henkel! Pornöööööös.

Addicted to Twitter? Now even your morning cup of tea will be trending as you drink out of your # Mug. Trying to keep worldly observations to condensed spurts of 140 characters? Even the most dedicated twitter devotee needs to make time for their caffeine fix. Complete with hash tag handle, this mug is a gentle reminder to get back online for the latest updates. Alternately, try dragging yourself away from your computer long enough to have a good old fashioned gossip offline with your friends over a cup of coffee. It’s a drastic idea, but you just might like it.


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Willy Dr. Lima

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