Fuchs und Hund: Eine wahrhaft tierische Freundschaft


Kennt ihr noch den Disney-Streifen Cap & Capper. Das hier ist fast das gleiche, außer dass das echt ist.

Photographer Torgeir Berge and his dog Tinni live in the wilderness of Norway. They enjoy the peace and freedom of their setting, especially Tinni, who can be off a leash and play anywhere. During one of their regular walks some time ago, Tinni met a red fox who Berge has since named Sniffer.

Now Tinni and Sniffer play every day and are the best of friends.

Berge has photographed their antics in the forest, where they are free to romp and explore — two animals that would normally be kept from each other because of centuries of domestication for dogs and fearful misunderstanding of foxes.

tinni-and-sniffer-01-685x453 tinni-and-sniffer-05-685x453 tinni-and-sniffer-08-685x453 tinni-and-sniffer-09-685x453


Und der Fotograf hat nun auch angefangen ein Buch über die Freundschaft zu schreiben.



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Willy Dr. Lima

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