Aus Boiler Room wird Toilet Room

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Na prima, da haben sich ein paar Kids aus Down Under einfach mal gedacht, den tollen Boiler Room abzukupfern und das ganze auf einem Klo zu drehen. Wie man sich daraufhin schon fast denken kann, heißt die ganze Geschichte dann  Toilet Room. Idee geklaut, Konzept geklaut und damit Fame abgreifen. Natürlich ruft das auch den Boiler Room Berlin-Boss Michail Stangl auf den Plan, der seinen Unmut auf FB verlauten lässt. Wie dem auch sei, ich find das irgendwie witzig, gerade weil sich die Kids sicherlich nichts dabei gedacht haben. Und man muss ja auch nicht immer alles so ernst nehmen.

the thing that i find very boring about it is the fact that they are not trying to make a joke on our behalf (which would be completely alright and has been done plenty of times in great ways), but rather choose to turn it into an exploitable “profit” for themselves. they ridicule us but instead of taking it all the way and have somebody like PASSENGEROFSHIT play (who’s australian by the way) or come up with some other cleverly constructed parody on our work, they chose to take the credibility of the reference (us) as a base and copy us more or less directly. it doesn’t matter if Paleman goes along with the joke, he still plays a good set just as he would at one of our shows. they don’t draw a distinction (“this is a parody”) but instead leave it open that this becomes some sort of success and therefore aim for attention from a crowd that is aware of what we stand for and therefore would recognize their efforts as something that can potentially be taken serious.

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