Ungewöhnliche Sitten in China: Kids binden sich Haare an die Decke, um beim lernen nicht einzuschlafen



Keine Ahnung, wie man dort immer wieder auf solche Sachen kommt, aber es soll wohl so sein, dass Kids in China ihre Haare an einer Apparatur festbinden, diese an die Decke befestigen um so beim lernen nicht einzupennen. Irgendwo sollte es doch aber mal Grenzen geben.

Recently on China’s Weibo, photos are currently depicting the ways some students stay away as they cram for exams, whether that be with clothes hangers or scarfs or whatever.

The photo trend seems to have started when a student at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University posted photos of her “Clothes Hanger Hanging Hair,” which then inspired other to upload their own pics while studying. The idea is that if they fall asleep, it’ll cause their hair to get pulled or they have their heads held up.

Hardcore Studying in China Looks Absolutely Frightening

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