Für den guten Zweck: Das Shirt des Tages


Vollwaisen gibt es immer wieder, leider, aber dagegen kann man nichts machen. Ein kleiner Schritt um diesem schlimmen Zustand entgegenzuwirken, ist dieses Shirt hier. Und das soll so funktionieren:

A lot of babies become orphans after the earthquake, they cannot enter the new family because people don’t know much about the adoption process.

We printed a picture of the baby in the back of the t-shirt, and as work wear for staff of public campaign, and distributed to the adoption applicants and donors.

Which greatly attracts public attention by the special form of Visual Media and interpersonal communication ,and easy to reach out to communities, schools, shopping malls, commercial buildings, and other occasions through fluidity of medium. The dissemination event becomes a Topic, and continued to receive telephone counselling after a week.

T-Shirt-design-for-orphans-1-768x1024 T-Shirt-design-for-orphans-2-765x1024 T-Shirt-design-for-orphans-3

Designer: Li Cheng Rui

via Gute Werbung

Über den Autor

Willy Dr. Lima

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