Richter und Verurteilter teilen ein Lachen über den Nachnamen des Verurteilten

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Ich muss ja ehrlich gestehen, ich als Richter hätte mich da genau so weggeschossen, wenn ein Typ mit Nachnamen Cocaine wegen Drogenhandels verurteilt wird.

Several days ago, a man in Florida with a remarkably apropos name was arrested for drug possession — Edward Cocaine. It is his legal name, and according to him, it always has been. He explains that his grandparents coming over from Greece in the 1920′s chose it as a new family name, since it was an English word that sounded similar to their original surname.

On Wednesday, Cocaine came before Judge Jay Hurley. Hurley was initially speechless at the seemingly smartass moniker, but then he and Cocaine had a good laugh about it…

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