Das Wes Anderson Mixtape, by Eclectic Method



Zu Ehren des großartigen Wes Anderson und seiner Filme hat Eclectic Method mal wieder zugeschlagen und mit The Wes Anderson Mixtape großartiges musikalisches Projekt an den Start gebraucht, was jeder unterstützen sollte. Bei Soundcloud zum Free Download.

Great directors create their own genre and Wes Anderson movies are a genre unto themselves. His films are played out in linear motion, his actors moving like costumed dolls in a vast toy house. It’s as much theater as film. Here are Anderson’s movies remixed like a cross section of a doll’s house – the themes and styles blended and mashed together.

Und hier noch als reines Soundfile:

via Laughing Squid

Über den Autor

Willy Dr. Lima

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