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Von wegen!  Der Instagram-Feed You Did Not Eat That zeigt Fotos von Models oder Mode-Bloggerinen, die angeblich gerade was fettiges essen, dabei aber nur so tun als ob.  Die Frau die dahinter steckt, sagt folgendes:

I’ve worked in media and fashion for almost ten years. I feel like blogs have certainly changed everything, you know, in the lifestyle people are presenting — it’s just spiraled into the absurd. All these girls who wear the most expensive outfit that they have — probably borrowed or gifted. They troll the West Village or Venice, or somewhere, [buying] “chic” lashings from different pastry shops, taking pictures in their Valentino Rockstud Stilettos. Ughhh! I call it The Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome: Everybody just says, Oh my God, you look amazing. But nobody’s really actually saying, Get real. And we should.

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