Natürlich kein echter Rasen, was aber eigentlich cool wäre. Field Hammock.

The Field Hammock refers to the human wish to control nature by mastering lawns. It’s a culture that goes back centuries. This hammock displays the control humanity got over the fields.
Floating above ground, on slowly waving grass. Combining the slow movements of a hammock with the relax feeling of lying in the fields. It blends the notion of nature and artificial, inside and outside.
The field hammock is water- and UV ray-resistant. It’s made of multicolored grass-like synthetic polyamide pile fabric. The hammock hangs from durable polyester straps. Two hardwood poles keep the mat in place. It can be easily hang anywhere using two carabiners. And it is hayfever free



via Like Cool

Über den Autor

Willy Dr. Lima

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