No Cameras Allowed – Typ schleicht sich mit gefälschten Pressebändchen auf Festivals und filmt eine Doku

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Geiles Projekt. Muss man auch erstmal drauf kommen:

“No Cameras Allowed” ist das spannenden Filmprojekt vom jungen Filmemacher und Fotografen James Marcus Haney, der sich mit falschen Presse-Bändchen auf Festivals wie Bonnaroo, Glastonbury und Coachella geschlichen hat und mit dem Material eine Musikdokumentation gedreht hat.
Teile seines Mumford & Sons Materials hatte vorab an die Band geschickt, die ihn prompt auf Tour einluden.

Mehr Infos über das Projekt hier und ein Interview mit Haney gibt’s bei Noisey.

In den Staaten wird “No Cameras Allowed” bei MTV zu sehen sein.

Und hier noch mehr Info’s:

NO CAMERAS ALLOWED is a documentary about a college kid that jumps a fence into a music festival and steals the dream of a lifetime. With no money for tickets, Marcus Haney does everything from outrun security guards to pose as a press photographer in order to see his favorite bands at music festivals all over the world. The story, as seen through Marcus’ camera, takes us on a first person, unfiltered adventure into Coachella, Bonnaroo, Glastonbury, Ultra and other festivals as he finesses his way into the photo pit, backstage, and onstage of the biggest music acts alive, including Jay Z, Coldplay, Skrillex, and Mumford & Sons. When his footage ends up in the hands of Mumford & Sons, the band invites Marcus to go with them on a tour across America by vintage train. His dream of touring with Mumford & Sons, however, comes at the risk of failing out of college, losing his girlfriend, and trading in stability for a precarious life on the road. No Cameras Allowed is an intimate, honest, behind the scenes look at world-renowned artists from the perspective of someone who was never really invited, but was always asked to stay.

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