Weinflaschen im Simpsons-Design

Art & Design

Sehen mal verdammt geil aus, HighSnob hat die Story dazu:

Some 26 years ago, two curious designers decided to embark on a unique conceptual beverage project. Inspired by both the world’s most famous yellow family and the art of modernist painter Pieter Mondrain, they created two remarkable bottle designs for something they call “Wine, or maybe not?,” styled as both Homer and Marge Simpson. While the bottles themselves are pop-art brilliance, the contents themselves have apparently been kept secret since the project first started, with the different bands of color on each bottle intended to reflect the different quantities of ingredients it contains. Even more confusingly, those quantities apparently change from time to time, meaning the customer should “never get bored” of the drink.

Über den Autor

Willy Dr. Lima

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